Please help us serve you better by taking two minutes to tell us about your experience so far. We appreciate your perspective.
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This survey consists of three short sections:

Section 1 asks you about your recent experience in obtaining assistance/information.

Section 2 focuses on our Customer Service Representatives and the quality of your interaction with them.

Section 3 is about us as an agency and your comments on how well we serve the community or how we could improve services.

Section 1 | Benefits

Which agency services are you currently receiving? *

How did you learn about our agency and our services? *

How long have you been receiving benefits? *

How would you rate your overall experience? *

Please explain

When applying for services, were you informed of your rights and responsibilities? *

Please check the statements you agree with: *

Was the interview held by phone or in person and how was that experience? *

Section 2 | Customer Service

In your most recent customer service experience, how did you contact our representatives? *

How quick were our representatives in getting back to you? *

Was staff professional and courteous? *

Was staff knowledgeable and helpful? *

Overall, how satisfied were you with your customer service experience? *

Section 3 | Agency Services

Were there services you needed or expected but did not receive? *

Were there any barriers in obtaining needed services? *

Have you utilized our agency website? *

What do you feel are the agency's strengths? *

In what way/ways could the agency improve? *

Section 4 | About You

What's your gender? *

What is your age group? *

What is your race/ethnicity? *

What is your current employment status? *

Do you know someone who may need our services and will you recommend they contact our agency? *

Please provide any other comments here?

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